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Considering the big quantity of requests received in the last 10 years from old clients, as well as from new ones, we have arranged a service of technical support. Thanks to this service, it is possible to be assisted, for one day only or throughout the time required, by a technician you can share new ideas with, who can give advises and can hopefully solve problems you can’t go through, improving so technically and commercially the final result. In order to arrange a personal meeting it is necessary to contact the person in charge using the enclosed form: Arnocanali will engage to give reply to you the soonest.


Arnocanali has always tried to do its best in order to keep the quality of its services at the maximum level, anyway possible delays or occasional disadvantages could occur, just like in any other company. You are therefore kindly requested to inform us about any possible service you are not satisfied with, so that we can improve it. Any possible claim can concern products, shipments, customer care, sell and account dept. In order to send a claim, please contact the relating customer care using the enclosed form: Arnocanali will engage to give reply to you the soonest


Arnocanali is a dynamic and innovative company; for this reason we give our customers the possibility to present to us, without any commitment, projects or special executions of customised products, fitting them to any kind of object (desks, refrigerator banks, industrial machines, yacht......) or place (museums, luxury villas, offices, internal design.....) without spoiling functionality and aesthetics. The group has been co-operating from years with architects and engineers, who work closely with our planning staff in order to find the best solution for the perfect integration of our products.