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Is the only italian representative of IQNet, the international institution which is the biggest network for the certification of company management concerning quality, environment and security; it includes 38 certifying institutions working in 150 countries worldwide. Thanks to the agreement with IQNet, all companies having CISQ certification can avail themselves of the IQNet certification as well, which provides international recognition to the certifications; such companies also have the right to use the IQNet mark. That’s why Arnocanali has developed its own quality management system according to the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, a goal achieved thanks to a planning always in conformity with the norms in force, a steady and selective monitoring of the production, scrupulous and strict laboratory tests. The products are all constantly checked in order to maintain the acquired certifications.


Takes part in the main agreements for the grant of European and international marks. It enjoys several acknowledgements both on a national and international level, thanks to the participation of experts to all normative works of the technical and scientific committees, meetings for the international certification agreements, meetings promoted by builder and installer associations, as well as committees working in the various ministries. The aim of IMQ and Arnocanali is to protect both the producer and the customer, providing products of quality on the international market. All Arnocanali products are built in conformity with the most recent international norms of the low tension electrical field. For these reasons Arnocanali has deserved the approval of the most important national and international certifying institutions, granting always the greatest reliability.

RoHS 2

The directive 2011/65/UE, better known as RoHS 2, from the English “Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive”, is about the restriction of all harmful substances of the electric and electronic devices, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chrome, polybromided biphenyls and ether of polybromided diphenyl. Each European member country must choose its own application politics using the directive as a guide. For this reason Arnocanali has completely eliminated all the products non conforming to this directive. The RoHS 2 directive concerns only the electric and electrical devices (AEE in Italian: Apparecchiature Elettriche Elettroniche) being within the categories listed in the enclosure 2 of the directive 2011/65/UE, better known as RAEE or WEEE. The directive RoHS 2 concerns all those products made in or imported by the UE.


Is an association recognized by both Italy and the European Union for the normative acts and the spreading of technical and scientific culture. All European technical norms published by CEI are a univocal and well codified instrument to meet the requirements of the Italian law. The standardization process is based on the principle of participation and collaboration of all parties involved, Arnocanali included. The mission of CEI, as impartial organization, is to work out normative standards technically good, to take part in the drafting and gather European normative documents, to take part in the drafting of international standards spreading the culture of technology and electrical safety. Furthermore, it is CEI’s duty to make sure that all materials, products and facilities be always in accordance with the rule book.